About Us

Ketan Buttons today stands as one of the largest (with over 110 cutting machines) and only successful production facility in India to make real horn and real corozo buttons, manufacturing over 1.5 million gross of buttons per month with the latest technology and best expertise. Pioneering the button manufacturing technology from Bonetti s.r.l. Italy and Guisi s.r.l. Italy.

We have been serving the apparel industry for the last 25 years with constant focus on Customer requirements, Quality Product and Service.

We are constantly improving and expanding our manufacturing capabilities and incorporating new technology to produce buttons of the highest quality and fashion. With the continual research and development in our product line, Ketan Buttons in a very short span has emerged as a potential vendors to the leading buying /garment houses.

We have constantly been on the forefront, delivering the best quality buttons at competitive prices with adherence to delivery schedule.

Since 1993, we have been producing buttons and fashion accessories for the most representative brands of the sector both the domestic and international market. As always, special attention is bestowed to the quality of the material used for our products, which has the peculiarity to be completely worked in a high tech reality. We introduce ourselves as a specialized business group making buttons from both the natural material (real horn, corozo, bone, wood and coconut) and polyester resin. We have been working for the last several years in catering to the niche market of high-end real horn and corozo products. We have a very distinguished clientele and it is our constant endeavor to try to give them the best in the world. We are proud to say that we are the only company in India, working successfully in this area of business. For our products, the highest quality materials are procured from India (real horn, bone, coconut and wood) and from Ecuador (real corozo).

The Process

The art of giving shape to buttons begins with planning of designs and setting of color patterns. The entire process requires lot of skill and patience. The end result to us is sheer joy. The production department or our Button Factory uses the most modern existing technologies on the market, giving us the opportunity to create in advance the future requests. The button is entirely made, from the raw material processing, to the stylistic conception to the finished product. Inside our Button Factory there are laser machines, CNC machines and cutters dedicated to the different procedures, which characterize our sort of product. Even the dyeing and fixing departments are inside our establishment, allowing the control of the entire production cycle being able to always satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients entirely respecting the quality and the environment, real value of all the companies that, addressing their customers, can certify with absolute certainty the origin and the quality of their products.

Research and Development

A robust infrastructure, state of the art machinery and an experienced team have been our strength. With the use of the most modern existing technologies on the market and with the constant innovation and experimentation in new material, designs and patterns our research and development team is round the clock working to bring in the new product range focused on the latest fashion industry.

Quality control

Quality and reliability are the foundation of any organization. We have made this principle a benchmark in our working to provide the best quality product to meet the customer standards, the lead-time and quality products in lieu to the buttons. With the stringent quality control system, which is incorporated from the time of procurement of raw material till the final product is delivered. Today we stand as a renowned brand in the industry in words of quality satisfaction and reliability.